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Developing the future with sustainable improvement

Tasnim Gerak Persada is a one-complete package deal for a construction company. We execute the both general and specialized construction project. Whatever is there on drawing sheets and project requirement, we make it real by constructing it for an amount agreed upon before our clients.

Muhammad Zikri Fu'ad

President Commisioner

"Silence, paying attention and learning are much smarter than talking too much."



"Everyone dreams of success, but success only belongs to those who always try to make it happen."

Olfa Yonson

President Director

"The eagle doesn’t reply when the crow pecks it, the eagle only flies higher so the crow falls by itself."

Yulisman Arnel

Operation Director

"A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results."

Rini Angrayni

Finance Director

"Life without problem is impossible but find the solution for the problem is habit."

About Company

TASNIM GERAK PERSADA was established in 2012 by young professionals who have a lifetime's worth of experience in construction in Batam. In early 2022, the company expanded its business in Jakarta by focusing on the construction work throughout Indonesia.

Following a pattern of controlled growth the company now has an extensive client base. Within Tasnim Gerak Persada, we have an embedded culture of teamwork that enables us to build longterm relationships with our clients and their professional teams. With offices in both Batam and Jakarta, we manage projects for public and private sector clients

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